Bandeira do Brasil

Bandeira do Brasil

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Westernmost state of Brazil, Acre fascinates many people with its well preserved natural beauty. The Juruá Valley, part of the itinerary called "route to villages and biodiversity" offers the tourist contact with various indigenous ethnic groups and their ancient customs. 

It is in this wonderful setting that the city of Cruzeiro do Sul and Serra do Divisor National Park are located, the park being considered by many researchers as the region of the greatest worldwide biodiversity.

On setting off from the capital Rio Branco, there are several routes that unveil the Juruá Valley, with its  natural attractions such  as navigable rivers, streams and lakes. Sailing along the Moa River is a must, for it is a link to the Park of Serra do Divisor, where contact with nature is exposed before some unmatched and preserved  flora and fauna.

The enormous biodiversity of the Amazon holds treasures from traditional communities yet to be discovered by urban society. Among the natural materials  is the tucum. It is a palm tree that can grow 50 feet tall and from which a kind of very tough line can be extracted, known to the Amazonians as the "line of loyalty."

The linkup of tucum straw and companionship comes from the belief that the fiber´s strength never ruptures.  Legend aside, the material has drawn the attention of crafts groups which see the thread of the palm tree as an income generating raw material for sustainable development of areas with frail economy.


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