Bandeira do Brasil

Bandeira do Brasil

Monday, May 20, 2013


Jorge Amado is one of the best known Brazilian authors and the most translated one. His 
novels are still considered as a portrait of Brazil in the sense that they show not only the hard life of people from Bahia, but also they emphasize most of the stereotypes attributed to Brazilians. His engagement with the Brazilian literary movement called Regionalism led him to make his native land Bahia the scenery for his fiction and to incorporate in his works words closely related to the local speech. Such characteristics made Jorge Amado´s novels a very difficult work to be translated, since most of the local vocabulary, specially those related to religion, nature, social relationships and sensations or descriptions associated with the human body, seem to have no equivalence in other languages and consequently in other cultures.  

Although Brazil is the world's largest Roman Catholic nation, Amado wrote extensively 
and respectfully of the deities and rites of Candomblé, an African-derived religion 
widely practiced in Brazil. In terms of cultural importance, Amado’s works seem to be the entrance door to the Brazilian culture. 

Last year, to celebrate the centenary of his birth, there were events taking place throughout Brazil and also in cities like London, Paris, Salamanca and Lisbon.

Following are some of his works:

If you are in Salvador, Bahia, it is worth visiting the JORGE AMADO FOUNDATION

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