Bandeira do Brasil

Bandeira do Brasil

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Alter do Chao is the first among the ten places with the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. The paper also points out the place as the world's most beautiful beaches with fresh water. 

Perfect for relaxing, nature has been very generous to the fishing village, which belongs to the city of Santarém. The setting is idyllic, and holds a unique beauty since its beaches are on the banks of the Tapajós River.

Alter do Chao is the ideal place to enjoy the 'Amazonian summer' which happens between the months of August to December. The month of September is the best time to visit the location, for it is when the water flow decreases and forms sandbars and beaches, which are more visible due to the receding of the Tapajós River. The temperature in September is also milder.

Among the shows provided by nature in Alter do Chao is the meeting of the waters of the Tapajós and Amazon rivers. The crystalline waters of the Tapajós meet the muddy waters of the Amazon but do not mix, providing unforgettable moments. The Tapajós River is the only one  among the tributaries of the Amazon river with crystalline waters.

Upon arrival at the village, tourists can hike and visit areas where botos dwell, a species of freshwater dolphin. Alter has good tourist infrastructure with good inns and hotels, health centers, restaurants, beaches with typical food stalls and tourism agencies. The local artistic production can also be found at craft stores, and at Alter do Chao Center one can find  true Indigenous Culture and Art.

The canoe trip at Green Lake, also known as the 'Enchanted Forest' is a must see when visiting Alter do Chao. The igapós, or blackwater-flooded Amazonian forests  are seasonally inundated with freshwater. The Green Lake changes colors during the day, from blue to green. The tour can be conducted between the months of February and July.

More info at: ALTER DO CHAO
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