Bandeira do Brasil

Bandeira do Brasil

Monday, January 21, 2013


Brazil is the place for incredible rafting adventures, thanks to its rich treasure of rivers, which can be perfectly rafted upon. The Jacaru River in the northern state of Para  is certainly a top pick in this category. Crafted primarily for mild excursions, the river sports serene waters in the upper stretches of its journey. With rapids of Class II, this section of the water body is ideal for novices, children and family trips. 
However, as you proceed, the Jacaru River unveils its wealth of waves and brings the most thrilling rapids. Especially in the lower section, the waterway offers rapids of Class IV, which can be tamed only by the amazing expertise of a professional or experienced rafter.

In the heart of the state of  Tocantins, the Rio Novo offers up the possibility of multi-day rafting adventures in beautiful scenery, camping on the river banks as you travel. Elsewhere the Juquitiba River near Sao Paulo has exciting rapids through lovely scenery and dense canyons. 

The Jacare Pepira River near Brotas in Sao Paulo State is a rollercoaster of waves and also offers the chance of good tubing. 

SOURCES: Splash White Water Rafting

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