Bandeira do Brasil

Bandeira do Brasil

Thursday, July 12, 2012


A new travel guide was launched last 4th of July which will help tourists visit the main attractions of São Paulo by means of public transportation. With the suggestive name "São Paulo spot by spot" the traveler is shown which buses, trains or subway lines are to be taken to reach 219 tourist attractions throughout the city.
The guide features 84 detailed maps displaying the location of subway and trains stations as well as  bus itineraries. 
In this guide the tourist can find the addresses of 260 restaurants, 160 hotels and 20 arts and crafts open air markets.
The guide may be found online at and is available at Apple Store and Android Market for free.
Some of the info contained in the link above:

Also, as of today 75 tourist spots pictured in  hi-res 360º  are shown in 12 categories: parks and green areas, cultural centers, theaters, museums, gastronomy, shopping, historical buildings, churches, sports, landscape vistas, urban spaces among other attractions:

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