Bandeira do Brasil

Bandeira do Brasil

Friday, December 9, 2011

Brazilian ballet - Grupo Corpo

''They have been the most important dance company in Brazil since the 1980's, with legions of faithful followers who always go to their shows, but they are constantly renewing themselves,'' said Adriana Pavlova, who writes about dance for the Rio de Janeiro daily O Globo and the arts magazine Bravo. ''I think it is admirable that at this stage of their career, their commitment to change is such that you can never pin them down.''
The ambiguities start with the name. In Portuguese, ''corpo'' can mean a human body, a body of work, a corps de ballet or even a corporation, depending on the context. Paulo Pederneiras, Grupo Corpo's artistic director, said the company had taken that name out of a desire to ''play with all the possible meanings and implications of the word.'' 
As for the musical arrangements, the company focused not just on Brazilian composers like Villa Lobos and Ernesto Nazareth, whose place in Brazilian music is similar to that of Scott Joplin in the United States, but also performed works based on Chopin's preludes, Richard Strauss's songs, Mozart's masses and Elgar's ''Enigma Variations.'' The group has relied mostly on avant-garde Brazilian pop artists like Tom Zé, the group Uakti and, most recently, Arnaldo Antunes, a musician, poet and multimedia artist from São Paulo, Brazil's largest city.

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