Bandeira do Brasil

Bandeira do Brasil

Sunday, February 23, 2014



Imagine an old big country, so huge that no one can invade. You have few examples like USA, China, Russia and Australia. All of them were born by conquests, acquisitions, wars or merges. Not here. Brazil is the only big country that ever was Brazil, even before its discovery (search Tordesillas Treaty). 

Brazilian people have no race, no face, no color, no suit, no surname, no specification. In this world, you can't detect a brazilian by any characteristic. Brazilians are of any kind, indeed. 

And the climate? Just good weather all the year round, everywhere.

As for food, Brazilians have become natural gourmets due to vast and easy food availability. Enormous supermarket chains, fairs everywhere and big malls, spread all over the country, lead to a healthy consume of foods ranging from japanese to ubiquitous italian.
Looking for night life? There is no other country that sleeps so late. Heavy midnight traffic. São Paulo (the whole city) never sleeps. Beaches (8.000 km) are filled with little bars, and smaller cities also carry through the night easily, with loud samba or forró(NW) rhythm.

Police and public service? Not so bad, but no one counts on them.

MORE by: Marcos Ficarelli
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