Bandeira do Brasil

Bandeira do Brasil

Saturday, June 16, 2012


 Francisco Brennand, or Francisco de Paula de Almeida Brennand, (born June 11, 1927) is a contemporary Brazilian sculptor and visual artist. He works in several different media, and is best known for his work in ceramic sculpture. He displays around 2,000 pieces in enormous open halls, between monuments, gardens, and in the midst of an Atlantic forest reserve in the Varzea borough of Recife. Many of his works elaborate on abstract beings that are sensuous symbols. Several anatomic parts are in his studies, mainly from the female body.

He also uses ceramic to create floor and wall tiles for construction. His studio is set in an old roofing ceramic tile factory that belonged to the sculptor's father Ricardo.

Some of his works can be seen at the Parque das esculturas (Sculptures Park), located in Recife Antigo district in Recife. The city commissioned this park in 2000 in celebration of the 500 years since the discovery of Brazil.

Some interesting links:

Official site with maps and visiting hours:

Recife - Pernambuco from Leonardo Rivello on Vimeo.
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