Bandeira do Brasil

Bandeira do Brasil

Thursday, March 22, 2012


With a land area of 40,100 km² (15,500 sq mi), which compares to the size of Switzerland, it is the largest island to be completely surrounded by freshwater in the world. The island sits almost directly on the equator. Yes, we are speaking of the Marajó Island in the northern state of Pará. Large parts of the islands are flooded during the rain season, because of higher water levels of the Amazon River along the coast and of heavy rainfall in the interior. The east of the island is dominated by savanna vegetation. There are large farms with animal husbandry. This is also the location of Lake Arari, which has an area of 400 km² but shrinks by 80 percent during the dry season. Nowadays there are large herds of domesticated water buffaloes on the island.And they are surely part of the landscape, as they are part of the populations´ daily life. There are 20 large rivers on the island. Because of oscillating water levels and regular floods, many settlements are built on stilts (Palafitas).

The most important towns are in the southeast of the island: Soure, Salvaterra, and the largest city, Breves. They feature a basic touristic infrastructure and are popular because of the generous lonely beaches.
 The island was the site of an advanced pre-Columbian society, the Marajoara culture. Dates are suggested to be between 800 AD and 1400 AD for the culture.

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